– the "Royal Bad Oeynhausen” (name given 1848 by Friedrich Wilhelm IV.) still defines the scape of the city. Until 2004 Staatsbad Bad Oeynhausen was the only state health resort of the state of North Rhine Westphalia. The city is now considered "architectural museum" of the 19th century. Infos Gently train your heart in Bad Oeynhausen. Even as a heart patient you might want to spend your holiday in Hotel Wittekind, because Bad Oeynhausen offers special trails for cardiac patients with high standards of security. The institute of applied tele-medicine (IFAT) of the Heart and Diabetes-Center NRW (HDZ) monitors its patients during their hike using modern data transmission technology. The data of the mobile ECG device will be transmitted to the IFAT and consulting by physicians will be provided. The well marked trails are between 2.5 and 5 kilometers long. When walking, you will learn about Bad Oeynhausen which is known for its cures and baths, its spa parks and urban forests for 150 years. If there are any questions, please contact the IFAT or your doctor. IFAT

There is much to be discovered:

Spa gardens:

One of the last remaining nearly original parks of famous garden artist and landscape planner Peter Josef Lenné with its historic buildings www.badoeynhausen.de – Kurpark

Bali Therme:

Spacious water world with hot-spring water, sauna landscape, and various health and recreation offerings www.balitherme.de

Jordan Spring:

The largest carbonated hot spring worldwide

Thorn House:

The 70m long complex includes the thorn house path, and the Bülow Source technical museum.

Aqua Magica:

Park of the Magic Waters featuring a giant water crater. Venue of the Poetic Sources (literature festival) and home to North Rhine-Westphalia's largest high climbing garden www.aquamagica.de


The former spa hotel, now housing the GOP vaudeville show as well as different restaurants and a discoteque www.variete.de/Oeynhausen


The historic playhouse in the spa gardens www.badoeynhausen.de – Theater im Park


Museum of German fairy tales and legends of the river Weser, Open Air Museum with Museum of Local History www.badoeynhausen.de – Märchenmuseum


The inner city has various smaller shops and boutiques. For serious shoppers the "Werrepark" shopping centre with its more than 80 shops and boutiques is only minutes away. www.werre-park.de


Whether Roulette, Black Jack or slot machines, here gamblers find what their hearts desire www.westspiel.de

Surrounding area

Bad Oeynhausen is situated in the middle of the Weser Hills between the Teutoburg Forest and the Wiehen Range. There are excellently maintained cycle paths and hiking trails and the German Mills Trail as well as numerous worthwhile venues: We would be glad to help with planning your day trips. Links Ferienwohnung auf Wangerooge Bad Oeynhausen Hochseilgarten Bad Oeynhausen

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